Russian Phrase of the Day! Be very gentle with the cat.

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My friend Molly has 3 cats. Yes, you read that right, THREE cats. Like Taylor Swift. 😜 She’s cool being called the crazy cat lady. Haha! One phrase you will hear her often saying is, “Be very gentle with the cat.” Although her cats are super friendly, it can be hard for toddlers to understand how rough they are being on the cat’s soft fur. Practice this phrase with your kids if you own cats, or for the next time you are with friends, so you can remind your kids to be gentle in a foreign language!


🇨🇳Chinese {Mandarin}
🇧🇷Brazilian Portuguese
🇷🇺 Russian

Be very gentle with the kitty
cat, or he will scratch you,

and then you’ll get a boo-boo.
Today’s foreign language

Phrase of the Day is,
“Be very gentle with the cat,” which-

With the cat!
With the cats.

With the kitty cats.


With the kitty cats!
Oh my goodness!

So many things. You have to be very gentle with the kitty cat.

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If not, I really want
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random language generator!

We got it! And it is Russian!
Russian, yeah.

So to find it in the app,
you’re going to go down to,

“G” Okay, and then you’re going to
head over to, “Gentle.”

Found it. Okay, okay, okay.

And we’re going to be doing it in Russian.
So, we don’t speak

Russian, so our advice is just to
jump in and have fun.

I would like you, I don’t know if in it,
but I feel like in

Despicable Me, he kind of has, like, a…
no, they’re from somewhere

else. Isn’t speaking Russian.

I was going to say Russian.

I’m trying to think of a Russian accent

you would know.

Oh, well. Okay!

I want you to channel your inner
Russian accent and just

have fun with this.

Are you ready?

Here we go.



Wow, that was a good “nee”





“Poostorozhnee s koshkoy.”

“Poostorozhnee s koshkoy.”

Oh you did that, you did that better then I did!

That was really good!

I was, like, a little nervous and you’re
like, “I’m just going

for it!” And you were able to say that.
So, to teach your child

this phrase, if you have a cat, and maybe someone’s not very

gentle, or you’re visiting somebody
who has a cat, you can

use this phrase.

I recommend saying it in Russian, and
then English, and then

Russian again, so that your child can
easily make that association,

and then drop off that English.
And you got to get this book!

Yes, and we will see you in the Instagram stories. Right, Darian?

What do they tag us at if they’re using
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Don’t do the dot, it’s very confusing.
Don’t do the dot

in the tag.

Just @TalkBoxMom

All right!

See you in the Instagram stories! Bye.

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