Back to school SALE!

Have you ever purchased a curriculum that ended up collecting dust on your shelf? Did you just sell it for half of what you paid—hoping your spouse wouldn’t find out about this little learning lesson?

Are you wondering if TalkBox.Mom will end up with the same dusty fate?

I totally get it! Learning a foreign language may seem daunting or maybe you’ve tried other foreign language programs in the past and it’s hard to say yes to another program. 

So, why are so many families succeeding with TalkBox.Mom?! 

Because it integrates into your life! When you open up your first box, you immediately put up the charts in your home. It literally doesn’t sit on a shelf! 😉

“My 3 year old is always standing by the snack chart practicing his Mandarin, so I decided to capture it on video. In case you’re wondering, he is saying, “I want an apple, I want an orange, I want a pear…muffin.” – Amanda

With TalkBox.Mom, your family will have all the busy work done for you, so you open the program and can just jump in to start talking!

We are also more than just a curriculum! We’re here to see you succeed and stay accountable, so your box doesn’t stay on that shelf!

Beth, who’s learning Spanish with her family says, “TalkBox.Mom doesn’t leave you to figure it out on your own! They really do want your family to be successful, so they provide an amazing support system to help you achieve that: the Facebook Accountability Group, weekly Live trainings, Phrase of the Day calendars & videos, free resources, allowing us to request phrases in our new languages, and email support!”

Isn’t this the language program of your dreams? Fun, colorful charts! Native speaker audio! Helpful and supportive accountability group!

If you want in, why wait another day to start talking with your family in a foreign language?! 

Especially because our BACK TO SCHOOL SALE is happening RIGHT NOW through August 15, 2021. This week ONLY!

If you’re somebody who wants a curriculum that integrates with your life and you want to stay accountable, then I would love for you to take advantage of the Back to School Sale!! Let’s go!


**Valid through August 15, 2021**

There is NO CODE necessary to grab this offer. If you checkout with your first box and book this week, you’ll automatically get $10 off your order, and we will send you the Homeschool Phrases PDF (in the language your box and book is in) with its audio in the companion app for FREE.

The Homeschool Phrases PDF and audio is an amazing bonus that will have you using your foreign language phrases as you do school! Starting your read aloud, getting out calculators, and reheating that coffee will transform into the language you’re learning!

If you’re ready to buy a foreign language curriculum you know won’t get dusty on the shelf, then buy your first box and phrasebook today during our Back to School sale! Click here to choose your language to get started!

Help! I am bad at tech! No problem. Select the language you want to learn, click to buy your first box, choose a pacing of every 3 months (you can always change this or pause or cancel with no fee), and then add your book! That’s it. Checkout, and it’s all yours!

I cannot wait to hear your family using a language together and SEE you in the accountability group as you make so much progress this year… instead of waiting another year to get started.

If you want to take advantage of the BACK TO SCHOOL SALE and get your FREE Homeschool Phrases pdf, click here to purchase your first box and phrasebook!

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