Webinar Recap: Actually Talk in a Foreign Language at Home

In case you missed it or want to replay the fun, below is the recording of our webinar on actually talking in a foreign language at home.

In this ~35 minute webinar (I was really shooting for 20 minutes, but I had so much good stuff for you!) you’ll move years ahead of others learning a foreign language or yourself if you’ve been trying! Whether you know something or nothing, have small children, teenagers, or a sweet mix, you’ll know exactly how to talk in a foreign language in your home the same day you start and move all the way to fluency without tears or frustration.

After the 35 minute mark, I jumped into questions and answers.

Scroll down to see the TalkBox + Book Special!

Click here to download the awesome companion workbook (pdf).


I tried to share a funny clip of Jimmy Fallon and Anne Hathaway singing a google translated song, but it didn’t work in the webinar. It is sooo funny, so check it out below.


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