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TalkBox.Mom – Bi Monthly Membership for Spanish

$80.00 every 2 months

If you’re ready to hear the walls of your home filled with Spanish (as well as the park, grocery store, and so on), these monthly challenge boxes will change your home life to help your family speak Spanish for life–throughout your day, every day. For $27 a challenge, pamper yourself with 3 gorgeous, laminated challenges to finish each week for 3 weeks.

Little time to study? These challenges integrate with your life, so you can learn Spanish while you’re in your kitchen making snacks or washing hands several times a day–we totally have a language guide that goes above the sink.

This membership comes with an online classroom for you to listen to in-line audio and download the complete audio. You can also ask our native speakers questions there and make requests.

With each box, you have the opportunity to win a prize when you finish all your challenges in time. We want to see you continuously move forward, and these boxes will help keep you on track.

Subscriptions Made for Families

Before your next billing date:

You automatically receive an email reminder.
You can upgrade your membership to every month.
You can move your subscription back one month when you go on vacation.
You can cancel your subscription.

This all takes place in your account, which you setup at checkout. We want this membership to work for you and your family life, so please contact us if you need anything.